Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bixby Finds His Home

It is about midnight and we just got the Bixby home. He couldn't be any cuter than if I picked him out myself ...hey wait a minute I did!!! He is so adorable I can't begin to tell you. Of course he has been with Sport for only 5 minutes and the two of them are fighting over Sport's toys but I think in the long run they will get along just fine once they have learned to share. Sydney , I can't tell you how well worth it was to go through all the hassles for Bixby. I am so pleased with the outcome I can't tell you how much. Once we get him house trained and the "two boys " are aclamated to each other, it will be one of my better investments. From the time we picked him up at the airport until we got home , he was laying in my lap, and not a word out of him!! How anybody could abandon them or mistreat them in any way is beyond my comprehension. I just want to Thank You again for your endeavors in making this coming about.

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