Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maisie (fka Flopsy/Rusty) Gets "Spa" Treatment

From Foster Mom Karen O:

You aren't going to believe your eyes! Look at Ms. Maisie standing in her soaking cups! What a good girl for her momma, Sheryl. Sheryl is the best thing to have ever happened to our special girl, she has so much patience, just what Maisie needs. Oh, and notice that view out their back window! I really need to go to Boston one of these days!

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From Maisie and Sheryl:

Hi Mommy Karen - See this picture of me? I'm having toe therapy . . again! Mommy Sheryl calls me her little twinkle toes . . . let me tell you, when I have to stand in these dishes, I don't feel very twinkly, but I'm told it's for my own good. At least I get lots of extra scritches while I'm standing, and I get to see out of the really big window which is usually where Micha hangs out. He leaves when I show up! Hope your knee is getting better, 'cause my toes are! Big woof from Maisie (Karen - About 2 weeks ago I noticed that she is chewing on her toes again, and that a couple of nail beds look a little 'off' so we're soaking in Listerine Gold for the antibacterial effect and keeping a close eye on her little nails. She is such a good girl - I just put her up on the window seat and put each foot in a little dish and she stands there for a good 4 minutes and then lets me know she's had enough. I dry her paws with a towel and then we do a little spa session with the hair dryer. She is soooo good. I also rinse her toes whenever we come back from a walk or a swim.)

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  1. What an amazing girl, standing there in those cups!!