Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turner's - NKA Amber - Adoption day

Turner (Goldie to us) will be known as Amber/Ambee by her forever family. She was adopted on a day of torrential rain here in Michigan. She was a little nervous at first but relaxed a bit when I wrapped her in her CP blankee and got her favorite toy out.

Her new Daddy was quite smitten with her and just melted when he saw her. Intros to her new sister went very well. Her new home is on gorgeous Lake Michigan where she gets to walk the beach every day. Dan sent me an update this afternoon which is below. Great job by our MM Deborah and everyone who helped Amber escape the commercial breeding facility with the rest of the Rock & Roll kids this summer.

From Dan & Judy:"As you can see from the subject we are going to be calling our new little girl Amber (Ambee for short).She has been here almost a full day now and is doing very well. She traveled just fine in the car. So far we have had no accidents in the house, which is remarkable. since we have had over seven inches of rain here since Friday night. She must think we live in a rain forest - every time we go out it is raining.

We have her crate setup in the living room which she is uses as her refuge but since we have an open floor plan she can keep an eye on everything and she certainly does. We put the crate next to our bed at night and for now we are keeping the door closed at night. She seems fine with that.

Amber is settling in really well considering all the changes in her life. She loves Judy and is really quite comfortable with her as you can see from the attached pictures. She is a little wary of me but once I coax her into my lap she is a little lover.

She really is a sweet girl. She and Jenny are doing fine together. The rain from Hurricane Ike is supposed to be done by late afternoon and we are hoping to take them for a walk in the park then.

Goldie/Amber wants us to thank her foster mom for doing such a good job getting her ready for her forever home.
Thanks again!

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