Friday, September 19, 2008

Bixby - a B-12 Shot for His Family

Thank you all in our efforts to give Bixby a Permanent home. He has been here two days and has already changed the dynamics of our family group ...we are all young again !!!! He is an inspiration , and like a vitamin B12 shot , we are all active again, looking after and trying to keep control over this little investgator. He is the sweetist little guy and so far has meshed well with our 9 year old Cairn, Sport .

He is a delight and I would advise anybody to go through Col Potter to get a dog. It is the first time I have done anything with an organization that was a pleasant experience from day one. Never a snag or problem developed, that was not professionally approached and solved with little effort on my part. I definitely will spred the word of your organization.

As a volunteer group , you all act and respond as if this is your primary job - and some how I think it might secretly be that !!!! I am sure you feel a lot more rewards for a successful adoption, than what you get on your careers on a daily basis. I know we thank you all for your efforts ,and appreciate all your contributions no matter how large or small they may have been.
Don , Denise , Sport and BIXBY H

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