Monday, September 22, 2008

The Adoption of Bonnie Blue

We picked up Bonnie Blue, now known as SOPHIE, yesterday and she is do adorable. What a loving, affectionate little girl. She seems to have always lived here. She just fits right away.

We took the Victoria Clipper over (it is a three hour passenger only ship ferry). Iona and Jim met us at a little park right by the boat landing with their Danny boy. We talked about the information she had brought and then signed everything to make her our forever dog.

During the trip home on the ferry she went in the Sherpa bag and never whimpered or anything. When we got to the ferry terminal in Seattle we let her out and she went potty. We got almost to the parking garage and there was a train that was making screeching noises with the brakes and scared her so we held her the rest of the way to the car. We put her in the crate when we got to the car and she went in with a gentle nudge. Not one peep on the way home either.

It was eleven PM when we arrived at the house and we walked her around the front yard then brought her in and fed her . She gobbled it right down. We tried to potty her before we put her to bed in the kennel but she didn't have to go. She slept very well and Mike took her out about 7:00 and she did her business. She curled up in his lap until I got up about 8:45, then she came in my lap for awhile. We made breakfast and she played and amused us with her antics. I think she wore herself out as she is curled up on her little pad I put in the office for her as I am writing this.

We think that our little Fergie is looking down from the heavens and smiling that we have found another little princess as sweet as she was. Sophie has adapted better then we ever dreamed. It is like she has always been here. We are sending a few pictures so you can all see her. Thank you all so much for letting us have this little treasure in our home. You have all been so supportive, it has been a great experience for us. Mike will send the pictures from his computer as that is where they are stored. Thank you, Carolyne and Mike M

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