Thursday, September 11, 2008

Breven-Bear Goes Home

Breven-Bear went to a wonderful family on Monday. They both work from home so, someone will always be home with him. They had a cairn for 10 years from a puppy and totally understand a cairn. I know that this is the prefect home for Bear. He will be loved and spoiled but, also taught manners. His new mommy was so overcome with joy when she saw him that she was crying. When she held him in her arms he was totally relaxed like he knew she was his new mommy. He has made there family complete again after loosing they other cairn from kidney failure. I know that he will bring them lots of joy. My house is much quieter without him and my heart has a little empty spot in it. When his new mommy called me that they were home, he was following her around the house and he was sitting with his daddy when she was talking with me. He has landed in high cotton for sure! Foster Mom Marsha [MI]

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