Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Romney's Thank You to Foster Mom

Hi Mary Jean, Finnen asked me to send you an email and thank you for all the new toys and treats. She picked up each one and took it outside, then I bring them in and she starts all over again. I think she has a preference for the squirrel with the big bushy tail. I love the little blanket and I am sure she will find it very cozy once the weather gets cold.

Finnen is doing very well; she is into the Cavanaugh routine and thriving. She spends lots of time outside in her yard just laying in the grass, watching and listening to the squirrels and birds. We have gone on many walks and while most of the time she walks behind me, she is getting a little braver and will walk side by side with my other cairn. The yorkie always has the lead.

She gives me kisses and comes up for scratches all the time now. She is a dear sweet creature. Thanks again for the goodie box for Finn; she really was very happy to know that her foster mom had not forgotten her.

Candace and Finnen

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