Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Cars for "Dog" People

This article was recently posted on's newsletter. It might be helpful to one of us. Also, this website has a new medical reference and I've added the web address under Links.

DogCars that are low in price and high in mileage
High gas prices have forced many dog-loving families to take a second look at the fuel-efficiency of their current canine carrier.
At, we pledge that no dog shall be left behind, so our team of expert reviewers came up with a list of economically-priced vehicles that are high in fuel mileage and versatile enough to handle multiple mid-size pups.
DogCars “Five at 25” list features the top five (six because of a tie) dog-friendly vehicles that have an MSRP base of $25,000 or less and get an average of at least 25 mpg on the road. We also add some other top choices to check out.
And please don’t forget to crate or harness your dog for safety before you hit the road, no matter what you’re driving.

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