Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bannock fka Kisses Update

Kisses is now renamed Bannock. Bannock is doing very well in her new home. Bannock is a 3 month old female that came in a large group of dogs from a puppymill in the Midwest. Like a few other puppies from this group, these dogs are known by their hatred of their crate. This does cause some problems when it comes to housebreaking but they are managing by keeping her in an ex-pen. Also, Bannock does have some separation anxiety. Furever Mom Julie has been following conventional advice such as not making a big deal about leaving and she has seen some improvement. Julie's husband has most of the day to day care of Bannock and their 7 month old westie, Bailey. Julie mentioned that Bannock is not particularly cuddly, preferring to play with toys and run around on her own. She gets along fine with her westie sister.

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