Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tellington T-Touch

Recently, a CRM member posted a request for dog training recommendations for an 8-year old puppy mill mama who is comfortable on a leash but can still be skittish out in the open.

Maureen in British Columbia replied: I would suggest that she check out the Tellington Touch website and look for practitioners who are in Massachusets. Tellington Touch with a private practitioner is the absolute very best groundwork for a rescue dog to do before they go into Pet Manners or Obedience classes in a group. It helps the dog learn to relax and pay attention and gain confidence better than any other dog class I have seen.

Iona T and I attended a 6 day TTouch course a couple of weeks ago, and she brought her CP boy, Danny along. He gained so much confidence and accomplished so much there that the instructor is going to write up an article on him. The touches connect with the dogs and calm them on a cellular level, while the leash work and ground work really help them learn to focus, overcome nervousness and skittishness, and learn the feeling of being calm and in balance with themselves and their person. It is not intended to teach them to sit, come, etc., but it gets them ready to learn and to be with other dogs without anxiety.

This sounds like a terrific program and the website has tons of information and great resources. I love the links!

Please let us know if you have any experiences with T-Touch and how it helped you and/or your pet.

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