Friday, September 26, 2008

The Story of Rozie (fka Rayne)

Sometimes you wonder about fate...

Several weeks ago Lois Q put out an email request for help to transport a couple of dogs from the Bay area to Oregon (Portland as it turns out). I got the message and said that I really lived too far east to help with a transport (2 hours just to get to I-5) but after a bit I came back and said if you get desperate I'll help.
Well, Lois got desperate and asked for help. So... I agreed to meet Denise F in northern CA (a very small town called Morris just south of the OR border on US-97) and transport the two furkids (Rayne and Trooper) to our home in Sunriver, OR (about midway north to south on US-97) for a bed and biscuit before delivering them to Jill W the next day in Salem, OR (back on I-5 and not far south of Portland).
Now you would think this would be a simple thing to do having done so before with some midwest mill kids a couple of years ago, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Rozie couldn't wait to get out of the small crate she came with and Jan took one look and was smitten. But I still took her to Salem the next day.
Now, we already have 4 CP kids in residence, Sara (2003), JD (Just Dog-2003), Reiver (2004) and Digger (2007), [our daughter has another 3 and NO, we are not trying to stay ahead of Mo and her CT furherd] which, considering Cairnitude, is more than enough. But once smitten...
Anyway, two days later, just after doing a home safety visit for the new forever parents of Blanket and Bootie, the die was cast and an adoption application submitted. Seemed like a normal series of events but hold on... A little over two weeks after Rozie entered foster care and after we had received approval to adopt another Cairn, I got a call from our Matchmaker, Karen T. But I almost wasn't home to answer the phone. Jan had gone out and called to ask me if I would come and meet her ASAP to do something but I waffled and begged off. LUCKY US!
It turns out that Karen had decided to contact the foster mom (Debbie Heiser) to find out whether or not Rozie was ready for adoption only to discover that Rozie and foster mom had just spent the weekend in the community where we live and were about to depart for Portland. And would it would be possible to do a meet and greet before they left. OH BOY! SURE!
Now Jan was out and I wasn't able to reach her. She walked in the door about five minutes before Rozie and foster mom arrived. I told her that Rozie would be here in five minutes. Jan just couldn't believe it. Anyway, Rozie arrived and we did a meet and greet with our resident alpha female which turned out to be a non-event. And the rest is history. Rozie stayed and her foster mom went home with tears in her eyes.
Rozie has now been in her forever home a little over two days. She is having a ball with her new furpals despite her coordination problems which she was born with. She runs circles around our other 4 furkids and just loves to play with some pals her size. She is more fun to watch than TV (except maybe for Jay Leno and Monday Night Headlines).
So back to fate. If I hadn't gotten involved in a last ditch transport, we wouldn't have even met this very special girl. Thank you, Col. Potter for what you do! Anyway, Rozie was her name before CP brought her into its heart. We decided to keep it to make her transition as easy as possible.
Bill (aka Woody Waykstwaw and BBB [Big Bad Bill]) & Jan S in Sunriver, OR

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