Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How You Can Help Make Blankies

If you adopted one of our CP kids, then you know that he or she came with his or her very own fleece blankie. These blankies are lovingly made by the very special "Blankie Aunties".

Within days of the CP kid arriving in their foster home, their blankie, customized to their gender and personality arrives in the mail. Or as the kids tell it, the Brown Truck brings it (of course, you have to own a Cairn kid to understand why they say this!)

When they leave the foster home with their furever family, their blankie goes with them, carrying the special smells of their first safe landing. How cool is that!!

All the Blanie Auntie are, of course, volunteers. Would you like to help out with this project?? Deirdre has shared a detailed video "How to make a tied blankie". Just click here:

Thank you Deirdre for the video, and thanks to all the future Blankie Aunties!! Oh -- and thank you Wellington for showing us how much you love your blankie!!

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