Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eva Loves Agility

I posted a couple months back that I was thinking about doing Agility with my 2 year old Cairn. Pam V. from FL highly recommended it as well as a few others of you.

Well, we did it. Next week will be our last Beginner class and we are signing up for Intermediate. Both Eva and I love it and it really has done wonders for her attention on me, reinforcing all the things we did in obedience class in a fun way.

Eva is the smallest dog, one King Charles Spaniel, a Brittany, all the way up to a large Golden. Our trainer is so positive and the pups are still at the stage where they get 'cookies' for at every success. If anyone is thinking about doing agility with their dog, I highly encourage it.

A friend came with me last week and took this short video of Eva taking on the weave poles

The instructor still holds the leash and so she doesn't get into bad habits or make a mistake, but she is doing them perfectly. The tunnels are 50-50, depends on her mood, and she loves jumping.
Jana in PA

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