Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trudy Update

Hi. Thought that I would let you know how Trudy (Toucan) is doing. She is the Queen of the back yard. She patrols and watches out for anything that might enter her domain. She is getting a little better about her barking. She goes wild when people come close and that is fine with me! I am toning down her vocal response to tiny creatures though. (They would cause her to bark all day long, there are so many.) She also loves to bark at the penned dogs that live behind us. I am really working at interrupting that process and she is improving.

Trudy LOVES to play fetch. I got some mini-tennis balls at Target and she loves to chase them and squeak them. She has learned "sit" and is much better at "come." I am working on "drop it" and "leave it." I am also working on getting her to sit at the back door before I let her out. She has a tendency to run right into it as I open it. I am afraid she will knock herself out one day if I don't train her to sit first!

We went out the other day and SHE picked out her new bed. I put them down one by one on the floor at Petsmart and the one she curled up in is the one I bought. She no longer goes in the crate and is getting used to trotting upstairs and going straight to her bed. In the morning she will get up and run downstairs and bark for us until we come and let her out. That is that Cairn bossiness coming out.

She makes us laugh and is a lot of fun all the time. I am crazy about that little bundle of energy. Codie and she now touch noses at times and often sleep side by side. Tom said he came in one day and Trudy was sleeping against Codie. By the way, Codie has perked up as a result of having Trudy around. I am so happy about that, though we did have to double her pain meds recently and her ability to get up from the floor is much worse. I am gratified that her mood is better and she appears to be enjoying herself again.

We are a very happy family!
Affectionately, Joyce

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