Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update from Alaska! YAHOO!

Goldie has been a wonderful addition to our house. It's like she has been here all along. We were talking the other day that its been A YEAR and it seems as though she has always been with us. She gets along with our other cairn, Robin which we got from Col Potter 5 or 6 years ago. Robin is way laid back and Goldie is such a live wire. She is almost skittish at times. It's an odd mix but they seem to do well. Robin is the alpha and Goldie is always pushing the envelope. She is also sneaky and will work very hard to steal a toy while its being used. She loves playing fetch. She still has problems riding in the car but is slowly getting better about it. We have about a 200 mile drive to get to our cabin and she will be very nervous for the first hour and then settles down. We had no problems with her going outside for potty. She loves to go to our cabin so she can chase squirrels . I have included a couple of photos. As you can see they both like lap time. We are very glad to have her.

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