Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fear: How to Help Your Dog Overcome It

Here is a link to a good article that discusses fears your dog may develop and how to overcome them. HINT: Treats will be involved! The article discusses the genetics, physical health, and early life experiences that cause dogs to develop fearful behaviors.

It Works!
Chances are good that at some point with every dog you'll have the opportunity help the dog overcome a fear. Some dogs go through most of their lives with barely an apprehensive moment, and then get hit hard in old age when their bodies begin to fail and they don't know how to cope. Now you know how to help your dog develop the ability to cope, at any age

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  1. I have a Cairn who is extremely (and always has been) nervous and "fearful" but I think a lot of this is the typical stubborn characteristic of the breed everyone tells me about or that I read about. I've tried everything and had to give up obedience school when she tried to attack the trainer's German Shepherd! I know that doesn't sound funny at all, but I've just learned to laugh at her character and take it in stride now, as she is a REAL handful. I don't know sometimes if making a Cairn 100% "obedient" is something I'd really want to see -- that is why I love terriers, because they are so stubborn and feisty.:)