Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy First Gotcha Day!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to send an update on Lily, formerly known as Curling.

I can't believe it's been a year! She is wonderful and happy and such a good girl. She and Smokey love each other and play all the time. She doesn't like car rides... she gets nervous and shakes... so we avoid them as much as possible. She loves to go out and play in the yard and go for walks. Their best friend is a Golden Retriever, Tessa, who lives down the street and they play together about 5 days out of 7... they love when she comes over. They run around and wrestle as if they're all the same size.. very cute!

Another silly thing she does is when the in ground sprinkler heads come up out of the ground to water the lawn, she goes running at them from across the yard, "mouthing" at the water the whole time until she gets right to the sprinkler head...then she spins around, runs across the yard and does it again.... it's the funniest thing to watch....people tell us to video her for America's Funniest Home Videos... it really is funny!

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