Thursday, April 30, 2009

Felicity, Coconut and Their BrianBeds

My girls have had their Brianbeds for 3 months. Obviously this is long enough for new habits to become ingrained. For instance, after our first outdoors around 5 am, Felicity runs to her Brianbed, digs around for a minute and goes back to sleep until breakfast is served. In fact breakfast has to be ready and in its serving place before she gets up. It is then engaged during early evening whilst awaiting dinner. We all know that a nap before a meal is a good thing.

Coconut, never a follower, finds her Brianbed more to her liking in the dinner nap location is how she describes hers. I moved it from the bedroom to the living room last week and all Coco did was stand beside it and discuss the folly of my move. Once it was back in the bedroom at the foot of my bed, she stopped lecturing me. Upon occasion, when the girls are roughhousing, Coconut finds that jumping into her Brianbed signals time out which of course ends when she jumps out. I don't understand my boss very often, but I sure do get these girls' messages!

Oh, one other things of which to be beware, these beds can be shared with the neighborhood collie at 110 pounds (picture did not come out) and cairn, altho perhaps a wee bit cramped!
Gail S in NC
Note: to order your own "BrianBed" visit All proceeds benefit cairn rescue.

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