Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things by Penny Lane

Penny Lane (fka Peggy Lee) continues to love her balls, but has found great fun other things as well! I thought that since I've been such a poop about staying in touch...with good reason but no excuses ... I would let Penny Lane share about her favorites and her new life here!

Hi there to everyone back at Kaaren's CP Rescue, I know you are really taken good care of but I just wanted to let you know not to be afraid of being adopted by your forever family!! It only seems scary 'cause your 'comfy there and you know how everything is. But your new life will be full of fun, and unconditional love.. So you gotta trust me on this one.

To let you in on a few of my fav's, we'll start with sitting right next to mommy on my butt, with my back leaning on the back of the chair. I like watch the screen on mommy's lap as she types Finally when mommy should be smart enough to be going to bed, I'm smarter and I sack out, right along side her no matter how long she stays up, I love being snuggled right beside her and the arm of the chair.

Yesterday was sunny (yes it's colder here) Daddy told Mommy to look at me, I was asleep in the ray of sunlight right in the middle of the floor, with all four of my legs straight up! Talk about what they say about a dog’s life...well right then I had to agree!!

I love to take my tennis balls and drop them into anything! A pile of packaging is great fun so I can jump into it and find it. (Mom is sure I will love the fall leaves for the same reason). If mom is working on anything like a pile of clean laundry that she is folding, now I simply can not resist hiding my ball in there to go after. I wonder why mommy seems a little put off when her clothes piled up fall down and get messy again??? Once Mommy was working in a box of dirt, repotting plants job (as I was on duty) was to drop that yellow tennis ball into the box of mud as many times as possible....I now have a great mud smelling brown ball! I even find it fine to go into the bathroom with mommy, after all, we ARE both girls...but just this one time I jumped up and before mommy could move quick enough, my tennis ball went into the potty!

Oh, sorry I still just kinda have to potty inside sometimes...but almost all the time I go over to the door and ring the bell to tell mommy I have to potty outside. Oh and don’t worry at all, I know where my yard is and I don't ever run off. Mommy used to be really afraid of this, but I taught her not to worry. I also taught her sit, down, stay, leave it, no, drop it, catch, pounce, speak, sing pretty and probably more things, I just can't remember all of them. I love to eat peanut butter out of my kong toy... and speaking of toys.....I have discovered the total delight in a squeaky toy...and the wonderful feel of the furry toys....and mommy has got me lots of differentkinds of balls, soft balls that she hides in this soft ball box, and then it's my job to rescue those loyal soft balls out of that ole box! There is one ball that really freaks me out...when I roll it different animal sounds come out of it so I have to do my alarm bark and guard it. I love the balls that when you roll them the treats randomly fall out!

Can't get enough toys! Toys, toys's a good thing Grampa Pepperdog does not even care about balls anymore, mommy said he used to ball crazy just like me. But I am perfectly fine being the only one in the house that understands the fun in toys (the cat, being rescued from the swimming pool as a kitten, well his ancestors lived in the wild, so he is a scaredy cat, and is afraid of my toys!) So Yea! More for me!!

Toys are one thing, but now treats...that's a whole different story. All the animals gather around mommy at treat time. But I understand that I get my fair share...and then some extra, cause I am cutest. I don't even sit up or beg, I just wait, it's easier that way. Sometimes Daddy will send me upstairs to wake up mom. I do my best...jumping on her, oh I am soooooo excited, I lick her face real clean, but after awhile I like to just curl up and fall asleep with her. Naps are good, but even better with mommy in her bed. I love to play, I have to have my mind on something, or be on duty somehow...this is what really keeps me at ease, and reassured.
Every week we go shopping at Petsmart and I get to pick out a new toy, then we stay for doggie class. It's a breeze, the lady trainer usually picks me to be the one to show the other dogs how to do the new trick. This is the same place I get to go to get groomed. The first time I came here the groomer lady wanted to keep me, she did not even put me in a crate like all the other dogs She had two pink little bows on my head and held me the whole tiime! I did not snarl or growl even when she clipped my toe nails. The lady really asked if she could keep me when my mommy came back, like I knew she wouldl.
I also love to jump into the bath or with mommy, one time I fell asleep in the bathtub with mommy after I was all clean I am such a girl, I love having my fur brushed, and all the attention. . I am so happy, sometimes I just sit, panting, with my tongue hanging out...smiling! This place is just the greatest forever home a dog could get!I cannot thank my other rescue mommy for taking such good care of me for a long time. But good ole mommy Kaaren and the great CP Rescue are the best! Every Cairn should get a chance to have a forever family to love. Just think, because I had a bad habit and used to growl and spin, I must have scared families away,...and maybe I would never have been adopted.. Even though it took me really a looooooooooooooong time to find my family to love me, Auntie Kaaren never gave up, she would have kept me forever...and then in took me another really, really loooooooooooooongtime to understand that I do get to stay here - my new mommy never gave up either. BOW WOW!! My mommy says that I am just a great dog... really well adjusted, adorable, funny, smart and very happy. As for me?...I just think I am one lucky dog...I got it made in the shade with a glass of lemonade!
With love and appreciation,
Penny Lane (aka Penny Lee)

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