Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barrett now Andy - First Gotcha Day Anniversary

On April 19, 2008, Deb and Jim S secured freedom for 7 Cairns. On the same date in 1775, Americans began their fight for freedom. So, how appropriate that Deb and Jim gave these rescued Cairns Revolutionary War themed names.

They also fostered the one named after Colonel James Barrett, whose farm was used to hide arms and food supplies from the British troops.

When we were looking at Col. Potter rescue, we weren't thinking about a puppy. But Barrett was suggested to us, and how happy we are that we have this beautiful little guy. It must have been that date--April 19--that made it happen. At the time of his adoption, we didn't know that his actual rescue day is also our granddaughter's birthday--she's 16 this year.

So Barrett was meant to be ours! We call him Andy, but when he begins competing in agility later this year and starts to earn his titles, all of his certificates will have his full name--Aberdeen Andrew Barrett.
Linda and Pat B

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