Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ms. Munchkin's Busy New Life

Hi everyone,

We are moving quite fast lately with all the Birthday parties and Easter coming fast and furiously.

This Friday afternoon, most of my family members [including Ms. Munchkin] will be coming to our home for Easter Weekend.

The house will be filled with adults, children and animals of all you can imagine, there will be chaos and confusion... . my girls are mostly excited about the fact that Munchkin will be spending the weekend at our home.

My poor father, is taking a back seat to his new little girl... Oh My!

Anyway, attached are a couple of pictures from two weekends ago, Ms. Munchkin received a bath [again from the girls] and a trim. She will be going to have her nails trimmed and a better hair cut at the Vets/Grooming session next month.

But, in the meantime, thought you would all like to know that she is doing quiet well. She went through obedience class and the teacher was quite impressed with how smart she is, and how she caught on quickly with the training/commands. Now it's up to dad to continue this the training/commands during their walks..and I am happy to say "so far so very good".

I will send more pictures after Easter..... Hope every one's spring is shaping up nicely.

Happy Easter, until next time.

Best regards,

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