Friday, April 17, 2009

Zelda the Gardener

"For Pete's sake, when I moved to Arizona from Chicago I thought I'd be warm! Where did all this snow come from in the middle of April? This wasn't what I put on my adoption application. Pine trees and snow in AZ? That wasn't on the travel brochure foster mom showed me. I was ready to own people with a swimming pool, sun every day, cactus, maybe a peek at one of those movie stars.
I've been here with my new family for almost 3 months now and even though it's been cold here, I like it a lot. I have a special bed of my own next to the wood stove, but I'd rather lie on the big blanket that's there too. I let my 2 Lab sisters, Trixie and Zoey, share it with me because they keep me warm and they have big ears to bite when we play.
I think Trixie is upset because she's not the baby dog any more, but she plays with me more than anyone else. My Cairn sister Addy has her own bed too and mom is happy because I got Addy out of her bed and taught her to play. We all have lots of fun!
Mom has been planting lots and lots of seeds to put in the garden later, and I like to be in the greenhouse with her. I look out the window and it's still snowing but these plants are growing and growing in the greenhouse. It smells good in here, especially after she got bags and bags of cow poop! I don't know why she did that when I see cows every day on our walk. Mom said I can eat some of the vegetables later in the summer, but I'd rather eat the poop now!
Oh no mom, not the leash! Gotta go chase the cats and chickens.
See ya, Zelda."

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  1. but I'd rather eat the poop now!

    --LOL. :)