Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dina the Dynamo!

Foster Mom Bonnie B sends this:
Dina's new Mom has been great about sending me a little update every now and then. She finally sent me a photo. Her neighbor took it with his cell phone and then couldn't figure out how to get it to her computer for a while. ;) Attached is a photo of the beautiful trio and below is the email she sent to me. :) I am a very happy foster mom! Bonnie

Dina is great and I just love her. I am spoiling her rotten and giving her lots and lots of affection, hugs and kisses. She loves it. She sleeps next to me and kisses me in the morning. Then she plays and rolls around before we RUN outside to potty. (She is getting better at the ”potty outside” thing.)
Her coat is growing so nicely. I found out she loves to play in water and puddles like Chevis! Also, DINA BARKED FORTHE FIRST TIME the other day at the same cat she growled at recently. Her tail was wagging away and she wanted to play with it, but it ran away.

I am wondering if Dina could be a bit younger than 10 and if you know if 4/13/99 is her real birthday or a given date?? The reason is that she jumps up and down so easily off beds and furniture and has gotten lots of energy, which is great!! (She walks fast and trots when she is with Chevis at the park. If I walk her by herself, she is very slow!)

Dina is getting more and more playful in the mornings and is letting out a few barks here and there. She does relapse into her old world by getting scared at noises and movements, but it's getting better. I feel so bad for her when she gets that blank stare in her eyes...but she quickly comes out of it.

Chevis is feeling better now (her stitches are out and the synotic is working) and seems to be happy that Dina's here. They spend more time closer together now (on the couch, bed, etc.).
Yes, we walked the last few evenings in 70 degree weather and it was so nice. I hope Dina will get acclimated to the summer heat ok. We only can walk in the mornings or late evenings when it is so hot.

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