Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scotty in NJ - More Than Conqueror!

It has been 7 years since we adopted Scotty, who has a page on your "happy endings" website.
He is the love of our lives, and it was devastating just beforeThanksgiving, when he developed a cough that we quickly found was primary lung cancer. Being the fighter that he is, we decided that, nomatter what the cost, we had to do what we could to help him.
He hadthe XL egg sized tumor, and the lobe of the lung that it was in removed.The hardest part of taking care of him after the operation, was keeping him down and quiet. I even made a ramp for him to be able to get onto his favorite sofa to rest. What did he do? He jumped over the ramp andonto the sofa... 14 stitches and all! No wussy ramp for my boy!

Scotty has spent the past 10 weeks getting chemotherapy treatments, andthis past Wednesday, had X rays to check his progress... ALLCLEAR!!!!!! So, sweet Scotty has made it over another hurdle, with thetypical Cairn spirit, and is in remission. He has 6 weeks of chemo treatments left, and then goes on a 3-month check-up schedule to be sure that he stays in remission. He is happy and acting like he did when he was a pup, playing with his many toys, chasing bunnies and squirrels, and those devilish inanimate objects that move in the wind!!!

Yet another happy ending story for Scotty.
Nancy L

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  1. Oh,I'm so happy for you and Scotty!

    My name is Nancy L. too, and we have a cairn terrier/poodle mix who looks a lot like Scotty named Jada.

    Bless you for your kindness to such a wonderful creature.