Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daddy Frank and Ms. Munchkin

"Furever" families come in all shapes & sizes, ages & places. Consider Ms. Munchkin, (fka Swan) who moved to Maine and now lives with her Daddy Frank in a Senior Living Facility. She is the apple of Frank's eye as well as his family.

Daddy Frank celebrated Easter and his birthday all in one day, so the excitement and the many family members that filtered in and out for the weekend was wonderful for everyone. The house was filled with adults, children and animals of all types. Daddy Frank’s granddaughters were mostly excited about the Munchkin spending the weekend with them.

Munchkin was wonderful over the holiday weekend, stationed in the kitchen in her beds. With the door open, she could come and go as she pleased. She was well-mannered and she didn't make any fuss or beg for additional food. She did crave a lot of attention though and of course got plenty of it from everyone - very spoiled in that sense.

Ms. Munchkin is a spry 5-year-old who is thankful to be living such a great life - so very different from previous years in a puppymill. She loves taking 4-5 walks a day with Daddy Frank, meeting new people, and enjoying all life now has to offer. We're so happy that Daddy Frank and Ms. Munchkin now have each other and we wish them many many more wonderful years together!

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  1. Aww, they look so cute together!

    It's strange, but Munchkin also closely resembles my Tweedy -- I've got one of those Cairn females with a very delicate face and those big sad/spooky eyes, like they're misgiving about something. Very adorable. :)