Friday, April 24, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Cairns

Izzy is Susan B's puppymill girl who is still pretty timid. I brought my CP girls Bea and Neha to visit her overnight. Everyone had a great time. Izzy warmed up to my girls and seemed to love having some other dogs around. Please take a look at some of our photo memories from the trip!
Bonnie in SC
Mom to Bea CP and Neha CP

Izzy's Mom Susan reports:
Izzy is still sniffing everywhere, taking in the sweet scent of Bea and Neha and missing them.
Bea is the cutest little bear I've ever seen and when she rolls over for the smiling tummy rub, you could just melt it is so cute. And the first time I heard her "roo-roo" I couldn't believe a dog could make that noise, lol.
Neha is such a cute little waggly-tail doll. I wanted to keep both of them!!!
I think having them here did Izzy a world of good; I can tell she is walking around more freely today than she was prior to your visit.
Thanks so much for taking the wonderful photos and for sharing these here. It was so wonderful to meet you in person and to spend time with you and your sweeties! Hugs,Susan

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