Monday, March 30, 2009

One Big Happy Family!

So sorry that it has taken me this long to sit down and write to you about my babies, Toby (Barrow) and Lucy (Miss Mellie). There is so very much to tell you, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

Very suddenly last summer, we lost our recently adopted, elderly Westie rescue, Fraser, to cancer. Although we knew he was ill when we adopted him and had no guarantees as to how much time we would have with him, it was still a terrible shock and a very, very sad time for us. Our other young Westie, Geordie, was missing his buddy in the worst way. Our hearts -– never mind our home – felt excruciatingly empty. I know that someone was watching over us because a few short weeks after Fraser’s passing, we learned about Colonel Potter and our whirlwind journey to adopting one then two Colonel Potter kids was underway!!!!

First came little Toby, aka El Diablo, Fang, Munchkin, Bumbos and many other nicknames. Named “Barrow” when he found his way to Col. Potter, Toby may be small in size but he is a big boy in his mind, soul, heart and spirit. As I say to him every day, “Toby, you’re just toooooo cute!!!!!!!!” He drives me crazy he’s so cute, huggable to death cute, want to kiss him endlessly cute, can’t stop looking at him cute!!!! It’s largely because he is so small but has such a huge attitude. Toby is my “full of beans” guy because he loves to run and jump, play and he even chases balls. Sometimes, as I’m watching him run like a champion athlete, I think about what torture it must have been for him to be confined in a puppy mill. Toby bonded with me and my husband, Ken, and our Westie, Geordie, immediately. I also think of him as our little miracle worker because watching Toby enjoying life so much and discovering his new world with Geordie in tow restored the joy and fun in our home that was lost when Fraser passed away.

Well, within a few weeks of young Toby joining our family we were very lucky to be able to also adopt Miss Mellie whom we have renamed Lucy. What a dear, sweet girl our little lady is. Absolutely everything Lucy does is with gusto and a zest for life. She gives the most gentle kisses, loves to cuddle, has the warmest brown eyes imaginable that speak volumes and although I call her my “Princess” she is a right little tomboy who keeps up with her two brothers, no problem! Lucy likes to keep herself busy by emptying the toy box then inviting Toby and Geordie to just dare and try to get a toy away from her. On those occasions when they decide to ignore her, Lucy is very contented to play by herself. Although there are some remnants from her past life in the puppy mill which still haunt her from time to time, she is very cheerful and confident. She loves everyone she meets and always greets people and dogs alike with a tiny whimper as if to say, “please love me.” Lucy is my little pumpkin, the dearest little lady who I try to reassure every day when she looks at me with those endlessly deep eyes that no one will ever hurt her again as long as there is life in my body.

We just can’t believe our good fortune to have these precious little ones with us. I spend most of my day just watching Toby, Lucy and Geordie play together, eat together, lying in the sun together – just being happy puppy dogs together. There is absolutely no place in the world that I would rather be than with my babies. Apart from when we’re at the beach or on the doggie trails, our favourite time is when we go sleepies. Everyone is snuggled up together, quite often Toby and Lucy will lay their little heads on Geordie or on each other, content and safe and comfy-cozy.

None of this would have been possible without the entire Col. Potter organization, particularly the absolutely awesome and incredibly loving foster parents (Lisa and Mark) and (Dilys and Steve) who nurtured and loved our little guys, preparing them for their new homes by showing them kindness and gentleness and so many other wonderful things that neither Toby or Lucy had ever known before. We were also blessed to have Allison as our matchmaker who, with her team, brought us all together with lightening speed and incredible ease, professionalism and compassion. It brings me to tears when I think about how hard everyone worked on our behalf to make this miracle happen, not once, but twice.

Little Toby is the grey brindle bundle of energy, little lady Lucy is our red-head and Geordie is our Westie boy.

Hope this gives you some sense of our lives together. All I really needed to say was that we love our little guys more than anything in the world and are so very grateful to have them. There is never a dull moment around our house with these little monkeys. We couldn’t imagine life any other way.

All the best,
Conny, Ken, Toby, Lucy Muir and Geordie

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  1. What a wonderful picture - a rainbow of terriers! And a lovely story to accompany it. God bless you all.