Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eddie in Nova Scotia

"Just an update on Eddie. He is doing great. He spent his first Christmas being spoiled and much loved. His picture does not really tell you just how excited he was. He certainly is settling in very well. When we go for a walk, his head and tail are held high, he certainly is becoming a very confident guy. He leads me down the road now instead of me doing the leading. He sleeps all night on his bed which is next to my side of the bed but he certainly enjoys the comfort of our bed as well. He is settling down with my Dad and their daily routine -- out for a walk, pee breaks, etc. and he is doing well with my hubby and son, but there is no question that he is my dog. After supper, he follows me around constantly and waits until I sit down. I don't even have myself seated on the chair, and he is getting snuggled down on my lap. It is quite funny. We have a snuggle and then he seems very happy. He has made friends with Hunni. She comes in from outside and the first thing she does is rub up against him. They now eat together. Eddie has made a few attempts at playing. The other night he went over to the toy basket and picked out a toy and started to chew on it. That was exciting to see! He loves tarter busters and would challenge anyone who got too close to his."

"He has made two new Cairn friends and enjoys spending time with them. I took him on a fun day at a run where they tie a plastic bag onto an electric track (this replicates a rabbit) and the dogs take turns running after the "rabbit". Eddie truly enjoyed the spirit of the game and enjoyed watching the other dogs but fell a little short when it was his turn to run after the rabbit (he actually did not do anything) but it was fun to watch him. He "talked" a lot at the event and was exposed to a lot of other breeds of dogs."

"There are so many things that occur and new and exciting changes every day that it is hard to remember everything. I am so pleased with the progress that he has made. We really could not have asked for a better pet to add to our family. He is well loved and cared for. He is a joy to have around. "

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