Sunday, January 4, 2009

Maisie's First Gotcha Day!

Foster Mom Karen O in Yuma AZ (as in the magical place called "OZ") sent this wonderful update on her foster girl Rusty/Flopsy - who was a VERY frightened puppy mill girl - now the very happy Maisie. Never underestimate the power of human love and true cairn-i-tude!

Hi Mommy Karen - I have soooo much to tell you! First of all, we've had lots of special days. First we had something called Christmas and there were lots of special treats and I learned that when they're very special, they're called presents. Everyone got presents and I got the best present . . . my very own bed! It is like a big donut and I can curl up and stretch out and peek over the side. When Mommy Sheryl gave me this special treat I got in it right away and didn't get out. Later she wanted to move my bed and called me to come out and I said "Nope! I'm staying right here" so she had to pick up the bed with me in it to move it. I had a ride!

Murry got in with me just to check it out. He got his own bed too, but it was too small so it went back to the bed store and he is waiting for his big bed to arrive, so sometimes I let him have a quick nap in my bed. After our presents we went for a walk on the beach. Can you believe that dogs are allowed on the beach only at certain times of the year? Who makes up these rules?

That man called Jim came back to visit for a while and he's not so scary anymore. One day we took a nap – Jim, mommy Sheryl and me. I was in the middle of the people sandwich and just to make sure Jim didn't try something sneaky. I put my head on his tummy so I'd know if he was up to something. (He wasn't, but you can never be too sure.)

We've had lots and lots of snow so mommy Sheryl puts two coats on us and then we can play outside longer. Mommy Sheryl says I should tell you that I can sing a beautiful soprano. Actually, I have my "arriving at the dog park" song and it goes like this:

Hurry, hurry I can't wait.
Open the door to my crate.
Get me out before I burst!
Really, I should be first.
Please hurry with Murry,
I'm in a rush to scurry
Here I come – let me loose,
Sniff and run – is that a moose?

And . . . mommy Sheryl is driving me nuts whispering things to me . . . she keeps telling me things, like yesterday was "Meeting Day" whatever that is . . . she said it's the day we first met. Then she was going on and on about today being something called "Gotch'a Day." At first I thought she was sneezing! She says it's the day I officially joined the family here. That is definitely better than sneezing. To celebrate we went for a really great walk in the snow and we are sending you pictures of it. And some pictures of us just hanging around the house.

Just so you know, I'm really happy here. My buddy Murry is a great friend, and the kitty loves me – he likes to touch his nose to mine and then rub up against me. Every nite when we go to bed, we all get a little treat before we go to sleep. It's the best.
Lubs – Princess Maisie

From Forever Mom - hard to believe our little girl has been with me a year. She is such a sweety. And the way she took to her new bed was a delight . . .as if she knew it was just for her. It's the first bed that is just for her. She's been sleeping in 2nd hand beds since she arrived. She likes to sleep with her head resting on something, so her new bed is perfect for this. She has made some interesting progress in the past 2 weeks. If I'm sitting on the couch and call her to come to me, she actually will come over. It used to be she'd just look at me. Also, if I'm on the floor and call her, she'll come over to me. I see this as another major step forward for her. Jim came the day after Christmas for a week and she was very relaxed around him – not giving him the slice eye at all. She is also doing a very nice "sit" at evening treat time (not to be confused with bedtime treats!) All in all, I think she's great and I'm more in love with her than ever. She and Murry have bonded well, they keep an eye on each other in the yard, and although they don't play, they definitely enjoy each other's company, especially on our walks. Thanks for doing such a great job with her.

To love and be loved, is to feel the sun from both sides. -David Viscott

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