Thursday, January 29, 2009

Checkers - I gotz a nu home!

Yes - Checker boy went home with his new family. His mommy Krysty is thrilled beyond words. This guy has landed in tall cotton! He's a real people dog and his mom is a real people person so they will have lots of fun together. She's hoping to eventually (after some training!!) do Pets on Wheels visits with him and I think he'll be great at this. I also found out that he is in a real Scottish home! I knew his dad is a Scot but what I didn't know is that Krysty's maternal side is Scottish and participate in the Highland Games near Pittsburgh every year. She even took bagpipe lessons! His dad Barry works at the British Embassy and on Fridays everyone brings their dogs to work. So Checkers will be going to the British Embassy! How cool is that?! I think Krysty needs to get him a proper Scottish plaid harness to wear for the occasion! We're very fortunate because Krysty only lives about eight miles from me and is within walking distance of my mom's house, so I'm sure I'll get to see Checkers again. Our house is so quiet and calm now that Checkers is gone. Its amazing how one little puppy-like dog can change the dynamics! It was a wonderful experience and we would like to foster again in the future. Unfortunately right now I need to get through my audit and tax return which means lots of late nights working. I would be lying if I said Chewy and Walter are missing Checkers. They were so happy to cuddle with me in bed this morning without a cute, squirmy, kissy thing hogging mom's attention. Sigh - I will miss those kisses.
-- Angel RoederBurke, VA
Chewy (Bye Checkers - don't let the door hit you on the way out)

Walter (CP kid) (But Checkers - you STILL haven't played with me)
Checkers (TA-TA - I'm off to the Embassy!)

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