Sunday, January 4, 2009

Itz Offishul--Ize Be Edgcated!!!!!!!

Deer Antiees and Uncs, Yep itz offishul. ize gradeeated todas. Mom and Ize benz goin to dese classss at Petsmart and toda wuz da last day. Ize gotz me a diploma--sees me in the pictur. Mom is bery prowd of me. But forgets dat. Itz dose treets Im after. What else wud a smart corn terror like me (a gradeeate Ill hab yu no) be intrested in? Huh? Im no dummy! Ize dun so gud dats weze alredy started da next class. Ize gonna be a perfeshnul student. Da pay is gud! Lots of treets!! Hehehehe Lubs, Kenzie in TX

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