Saturday, January 31, 2009

Contralto's Journey to Forever

Connie left today to start her journey to forever home. Deb S picked her up tonight and will be flying her to FL to her new mom Linda who also adopted CP Lexington. Connie couldn't have found a more wonderful home, but it was still very hard saying good-bye to this sweet and special puppy mill mom. Even now my eyes start leaking.
A bit about Contralto and her family.........Contralto arrived here Aug. 9th very pregnant. She had eye infections, ear infections, covered in scabs with skin infection, had worms, and her blood work showed her liver levels were way off and she was anemic. This poor girl was a medical mess, yet 24 hours after arriving she gave birth to 5 puppies, who all survived. Connie tended them without hesitation, even though she had to be totally miserable. The puppies had a hard time with worms contracted from Connie which caused loose stools, and then with weaning, refusing to eat solid foods and drink water, which led to constipation. They were behind in weight and development during this time. Contralto and her puppies were the hardest mom and litter I have fostered so far. They were extremely time consuming, with Connie's baths and medications, plus trying to entice her and the puppies to eat.....preparing buffets of food in hopes something would appeal to them. It seemed like for every step forward, we took 2 steps back. Plus there were many many trips to the vet, but what was really hard was the constant worry that the kids might not make it. I had many discussions with my mentor Danielle on my concerns and what course of action we should take. Never did Danielle/Col. Potter hesitate on any vet visits, medications, blood work or special foods for this family........and Contralto and her families expenses ran into the thousands. There are rescues who don't take on the sick and old for this very reason. The adoption fees don't even begin to cover the expenses of these kids, and that is where all of you make a difference with your donations. Contralto and her foster family want to thank everyone of you for making it possible to save her and her family for life and freedom. Lori and Mike and ConnieRogers, AR

Click here to watch Connie and her puppy WuWu playing:


  1. I have followed the postings and videos of Connie as she made her journey to health and a forever home. Each time I would watch the video of her and the puppies it would bring tears to my eyes. I forwarded them to all my dog loving friends. I just wanted to say that the love and caring you have provided for this special little girl shows in her face. Thank you for being a foster mom.

  2. To see the change from the first to last photos of Connie is nothing short of miraculous. Connie you are so beautiful now. And what a wonderful mother, despite her own health problems.

    Thank you to this wonderful foster family for taking such good care of this girl and her babies. You are truly angels.