Thursday, January 8, 2009

Esther now Bella in Virginia

Hi family & friends, here in VA, we spent a good part of their Christmas vacation bonding with our newly-adopted Cairn Terrier, Bella. If you're not familiar with the bred, notable Cairns include Todo of the Wizard of Oz. She came to us through a wonderful rescue service, with the foster home name of "Esther", but we decided to change her name to "Bella". A few photos are attached. Bella is about 4-years-old and apparently she spend her first 4 years in a puppy mill or another kind of commercial breeding facility. As the photos may suggest, she's still somewhat shy and timid, so--in addition to the bonding time and being patient--we plan to get her (and us) some quality training. Given that her only training came during the few weeks she spend at her foster home, we're pleased she's doing as well as she is. Our vet says Bella's in good shape, especially considering her sad history. Bella enjoys her walks and has had only a few "accidents" while in the house. She's eating well and also enjoying the time she spends in her crate in the corner of our family room. (When we're home we leave the crate door open so she can come out when she wants to--which she's doing more and more.)
Happy New Year!

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