Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freedom Flier Magpie has found a forever home!

A quick update on Georgie Girl, formerly known as Magpie, one of the Freedom Flier kids.
Mom writes "Georgie Girl is doing great. We went on a small road trip this weekend, overnight at good friends and she was so well behaved and had everyone won over. She is so much different than Gus that is our very crazy 16 month old cairn terrier – he is either on or off in the energy department. We are working on the house training and she hasn't had any mishaps in the house except for the first day which is amazing. We are working on getting her to sit for treats and her meals – she is very excited when it comes to food."
Georgie Girl is settling in nicely to her new home. Her new family adores her!

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