Sunday, January 4, 2009

Maggie and Star's Greeting

Hello All. This has been my first year with Colonel Potter. We are proudly owned by two CP kids adopted in 2008. Maggie (FKA Obama) was adopted in May 2008 and Star (FKA Tick) was adopted in December 2008.

2008 also brought us our first grandchild, Lauren Gray Rogge. I know you all love pictures so I have attached a link to our family. Maggie (age 3) is a more typical puppy mill survivor. She has a few more quirks then the very young Star (10 Mos). Maggie has been much more of a challenge. As long as you have a throwing arm to throw Star's ball, she is perfectly happy.

Maggie is quite shy and is not greatly fond of men. She has come leaps and bounds with my husband but he still is not allowed to pick her up or even put her harness on. She is thinking about it though so I expect it to come one day. She does allow and demands an endless amount of "skritches" from him though.

Although Maggie dislikes men, it usually amounts to just keeping her distance from them. However our visiting Marine son, Patrick, posed much more of a challenge for her. The first two times Patrick visited, Maggie barked at him constantly. Her total dislike for him was obviously apparent. Before he came home for Christmas, I sought help from Maggie's foster Mom Alice. Thanks to Alice Bartlett's Garlic flavored Microwave Toasted Hot Dogs, Christmas went a lot better. The second Patrick walked through the door, Maggie's hair stood on end, and the constant barking started.

Poor Star had no idea which end was up!! Star is NOT much of a barker but she even barked at him. Patrick sat down and I gave him a bowl of those toasted hot dogs and made Maggie sit between us. Patrick moved very slowly and very gently and made her work for every morsel. The barking quieted very quickly. Did she ever learn to like him during the week he was here?? Not really but she didn't bark constantly. Patrick is very fast and pretty noisy so that bothered her. She still barked some but I think more to get his attention hoping for another bite of something.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2009!
Bob, Cindy, Maggie and Star
Emporia, Kansas
Click here to see the pictures:

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