Thursday, January 29, 2009


As soon as Rooster and his new mommy drove out of the driveway (see the next blog entry) we hopped into the car and took off to pick up our latest foster who was at a vet's office in Carrollton. Deb C had been kind enough to B&B him for us and he'd just had the big snip that morning. He came to Col. Potter via sheltie rescue (This ain't no sheltie!) who had graciously accepted him as an owner surrender. His poor little mom is probably still in a MO puppy mill and he spent the first 6 months of his life sitting in a pet store in GA. What a sad beginning...three homes in 14 months! Little did I know history was about to be made...Hubby (the reluctant dog owner :-) was fixin to FLUNK fostering 101 BIG time!!! When that little ragamuffin came trotting out we just looked at each other...he was so sad looking with his dull blown coat and dreadlocks. We took him home and while he was laying in my lap I couldn't resist plucking some of the long dead stuff off his head...a bit later there started to emerge a most beautiful, and bright eyed little fella. I couldn't believe how easily this stuff was pulling out and how calmly he was reacting to my grooming....he had only been here a couple of hours! It was the most amazing transformation! I delightedly emailed his pictures to CRM and Mo became as smitten by this little charmer as we were. Two and a half weeks later Tim reluctantly confessed his failure and we applied to adopt him. We have done nothing but laugh over this entertaining little scamp ever since. Here he is talking it up on his Utube video:

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