Friday, January 9, 2009

Nina's Adopted!

Well, I inexplicably burst into tears when I was supposed to be taking this picture - sorry! I met Nina's new mom, Lauren Henry of Urbana, IL and Nina's yellow lab brother yesterday afternoon and all went well. I know that Nina will get lots of attention and good care from Lauren and she will gain a playmate in Cody. All the things a foster mom hopes for. Cody is gentle soul who seems a little sad so I hope little Nina can cheer him up a bit. He was a refugee from Hurricane Katrina who was abused somewhere in his previous life. Nina was from a puppymill and although she is a little shy with new people, she is a warrior who has a way of getting what she wants even if it means climbing on the back of your head to look out the window or jumping on chairs to walk on the dining room table. She is a great lap buddy for those times when you want to curl up and watch TV, too. Not a fan of the snow and cold weather either! We will miss her jaunty walk and happy dance at mealtime. I look forward to pictures of her when her coat grows out to match those ears. Thanks to all who helped rescue and place Nina in her new home. I hope her forever life is a happy one.
Mary Jean (IL)

with resident cairns Maggie, Casey & Duke

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