Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finley's First Christmas

Hi all...I owe everyone some pictures, and I've finally got around toposting them. Finley is now 8 months old, and full of it. He's very good on his walks and loves to play "destroy my bed" at least once a day.

We drove to OH, and Finley did not like the car ride at all. For anyone else who has a nervous/barfy doggie in the car, we used something called Happy Traveler (herbal pills from the fancy petstore...chamomile, tryptophan, valerian, st. john's wort) and they really helped him relax and sleep in the car.

Here are some photos:
ps...even though Finley had a thorough groom before we left, the lackof humidity made his fur "blow up" when we were in OH, I promise he'snot nearly as scraggly as he looks here!

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