Saturday, January 10, 2009

Felicity and Coconut Go Shopping

Felicity goes ashopping tra la tra la:
A Play in two parts

The scene: Phydeaux, the local wonderful pet store....3125 square feet of dog and cat food, toys, pet furniture, pet clothing and scads of pet treats in wire baskets on counters, floor and in between.

Enter, stage right: Felicity and Coconut, colorful leashes at the ready.

Owner status: lighthearted, carefree because neither furgirl has ever shown interest in the rawhide and bully sticks at the lower levels. Paint stupidity on owner's face.

The action: Felicity, girl of never chews, sneaks two bully sticks and a rolled salmon skin treat from the lower shelf, chaws through the wrapping then lays on top of them all, presumably to keep anyone in the store away from these treasures.

The side action: Coconut, feigning ignorance, delicately removes another salmon skin treat from the basket and enjoys a gentle chaw herself.

Timing: Less than 2 minutes into this play and the owner has purchased $9.47 worth of treats, all with broken seals (now) and scented with cairnfume.

Scene fades to the home:

Action: Coco contentedly chewing on salmon treat under the coffee table and removed from ambush. Felicity carrying treat stick like a cigar, stopping every once in a while for a gnaw, then pacing room to room to find the best chewplace.

Can't find the camera. Can't afford the film now, anyway, bought too many treats (vbg)

Gail in NC, maid to Felicity, mattress to Coconut

Question and Answer Period:
Q: Never in a million years would I have ever thought that a bully stick is what it is! It's kind of gross...but not...all at the same time. Do you guys buy these at pet stores or something?

A: Bulls are very reluctant to surrender them voluntarily. That's why I never let my 5 cairns go out at night with sharp instruments and a step ladder.

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