Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cairn Fitness Trainer - Wiley and Arlen

Recently, Arlen seemed to be having more trouble than usual jumping up on the couch to cuddle. We "adopted" Arlen a year ago from our oldest son. When we adopted Wiley from Col Potter in August - we had Arlen neutered before Wiley arrived. We expected a weight gain but he has gone from 11lbs when we took him last February to 16.6 lbs when he was weighed at the vet on Friday. We took him in because he was having more and more trouble on the stairs, etc. and wanted to make sure there wasn't anything physically wrong - other than his weight gain. Vet says he is ok - but time to work on the weight issue.

The purpose of this story is to tell you that if I had any doubts that our cairn boys understand EVERYTHING we say - I now have photo proof!
We took the boys out Friday afternoon, I told Wiley that his big brother needed extra exercise because he was getting too heavy. Minutes later I took this series of photos and added the captions! Wiley, our shy-timid boy has been Arlen's shadow for the almost 5 months we have had him. His Cairn-A-Tude showed up Friday!
Deb in Latham NY
Arlen - I don't want to exercise
Wiley - Arlen's Personal Trainer

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