Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Happy Family!

Sherry W, one of our Post Adoption Coordinators, has a new addition to her family... Vida! Here is what Sherry had to say about this little Cairn. "I'm a sucka... for this little pup I just adopted yesterday. Just wanted to give you all an update on Vida's first day in her forever home. It was a long day for her, as she flew from O'Hare to Phoenix, and all flights go through Houston. She had a lickety split plane change in Houston and had no problem making the connection. From the time her plane landed in Phoenix, it was only 15 minutes until I had her in my car. She was driven straight from the plane to the pickup area in a truck, and there was a little piglet in the next crate. I walked in and the guy said "Are you the pig?". Really, I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I said "No, I'm the dog". Foster Mom called her Maxi because that was her given name before CP, and we're calling her Max right now, because "pad" always comes to mind after Maxi and I just can't do it. (sorry if you know a Maxi) We will rename her, but just not sure enough to submit a name change yet. Leaning very heavily toward Zelda, Zee for short."
Max is just so darned cute and loves to snuggle. I sat on the couch last night and she was in my lap before I even knew what happened. And she was immediately put back on the floor! We haven't had a puppy for years and I forgot how much they're like a little human kid. Play, pee, sleep, eat, play, pee and poo, sleep, eat. She cries and walks around restlessly just before she zonks out. She sure does like to play rough, with dogs or people. We're having a blast! She's already stolen my heart! She's a great addition and has added some much needed playful energy to our home.

Thank you Col. Potter!!!

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