Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Rooster Cogburn!

One year ago today we sent a very special little dog off with his new mom. Terry D drove all the way from VA to claim her little cowboy Rooster Cogburn. From here they went to Atlanta and then on to Athens so he could meet his new human sisters and from what I heard he made quite a hit with both of them. Rooster was one of those dogs that really grabs your heart strings and was very hard to let go. He came from a shelter in Jacksonville where he was slated to be PTS because of a serious and very painful eye injury. Col. Potter heard about this sad little throw away and he was rescued, boarded with a wonderful vet clinic and cleaned up, and cleaned up, and cleaned up....he was really stinky from what we were told :-) Then that horrible eye was removed and some of his other medical problems were addressed. The vet hospital where he stayed fell for his gentlemanly charms and during the day kept him out in the reception area where he was loved on by the staff. It was clear they hated to see him go and everyone had to come out and say goodbye when we picked him up. Shortly after we got him home he developed some additional problems and a bladder stone was discovered and surgically removed. Thanks to the generosity of all of his guardian angels he was finally pain free and healthy. He was one that we had to think long and hard about letting go and I truly believe had the forever family not come along he would still be here. He was the perfect house guest and we still miss him.
Bobbie B in GA

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