Saturday, March 30, 2013

Orange & Tangelo Forever Family!

Contributed by their Foster Mom and Forever Mom

Orange and Tangelo with Forever Mom & Dad
The Co. Potter Citrus Delights group saw five Cairns delivered into freedom, including 1 year old Orange, a delightful Red Wheaten female, and 5 month old Tangelo, a terrified little Black Brindle male.  “Orange acted like a surrogate mom to little Tangelo and gave him courage to come out of his shell early on, and then taught him manners on how to behave around her.  They were adopted to the same family,” said Foster Mom, Monika.  “Look at my babies with their new Mom and Dad!”

CP Orange and CP Tangelo nka Gracie & Sammy
“We want to thank the Col. Potter volunteers for making the process so great and efficient to get our loving Cairns to their permanent home,” says New Mom.  ”Every morning Gracie and Sammy end up in the one crate because they love each others company.  They are so cute!  We've just had them two days and they already have made themselves at home!  They love the back yard and are still trying to find a way to escape, but my husband has made it all secure.  Typical Cairns!  Two 10 year old boys came over and they were great with them.”

”Sammy loves to watch TV.  He especially likes to bark back to the dogs!  I guess we can't watch the animal channel, without him going nuts.  Gracie is a pure delight!  She cuddles (Sammy too) with both of us, especially at night.  Right in between us!”

Gracie & Sammy happy Together Forever - and So Cute!
"Sammy and Gracie already have our hearts, and we want to thank the Col. Potter volunteers again for all their efforts to give them to us.  They are just dolls!  Thank you so much!  More news to follow as time progresses…  God bless you all & May you have a wonderful Easter.  We sure will!”

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