Monday, March 18, 2013

CP Ides of March Mabley Celebrates her 1st Year!

Contributed by her Foster Mom and Forever Mom

CP Ides of March Mabley, an independent spirit!
Mabley, one of CP Salisbury’s eight Ides of March Puppies, showed an independent streak early on that she put to good use, traveling with her New Mom, far, far away from Foster Mom and Dad, to reach her Forever Home!

Mabley and Forever Mom hit the Ski Slopes of Maine!
“Mabley arrived in Maine last July after a long car ride and a couple of airplane trips to her forever home.  Mabley lives on a small farm with another dog Callie (a Lab), two cats, Rocky and Larry, and one big horse Jessie.  Mabley loves to play with all of her animal family and the humans too!” says her Forever Mom.  “She is still shy and sometimes slow to make up her mind.  At home she loves to wrestle with Larry and Callie.  She likes playing soccer inside, chasing the tennis ball with Callie, and dismantling cardboard boxes!

“Its only been in the last two months that she's seen tv and she is getting used to  dogs on tv.  Outside, she likes to play in her fenced yard and devise ways to scale the wall!  On most weekdays she goes to my office  from 8:00 – 12:00 where she plays, sleeps, and does dog therapy things like cuddling, kissing, and being walked by my patients.  She likes to greet all the staff first off, and later knows exactly when 10:00 am and 12:00 noon is - the time to go outside and the time to go home!!

“Mabley attended a 10 week obedience class in the Fall and made friends with nine other youngish dogs.  She insisted on meeting and greeting each one each week!  She made a best friend, Pesky, who was the only other small dog in class.”

Mabley soaking up the Fall sunshine!
"Mabley really likes going for long walks in the nearby woods.  She has traveled a few times, staying in her travel crate in dog friendly B&B's or hotels.  She is a trooper when it comes to regular baths and grooming.  She is very polite and, until a month ago, rarely barked.  Now that she's found her voice, she likes to bark for all kinds of reasons!  She barks to let me know when Larry is coming in and when the next door neighbor’s dog - a huge lab - Simba is visiting.  She barks to tell me there must be something outside that she'd like to go see.

“Today she celebrated her 1st birthday with a little haircut, and she gave a couple of doggy party bags to my patients with dogs.  We love Mabley and are sooo grateful she is in our life...  Thank you!”

Happy Birthday!
Foster Mom and Dad
Lori and Mike

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  1. -KOLYA (Mabley's Big Brother)...(Human)
    I love you my little annoying Mabley. Even if you do chew everything....and make me clean it. And your scratching on the bedroom door at 4 in the morning. Love you little girl,
    P.S. At least save the sock for your big sister Callie(Bigger dog)