Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trapeze nka Trapper Finally Forever Home!

Contributed by his Proud Foster Mom

CP Trapeze nka Trapper & Kloe fka CP Libra, together Forever!

Foster Trapeze is now “Trapper” and a resident of sunny California! He flew out Friday, just in time to miss one of the biggest late snowfalls in March for 101 years in St. Louis! LOL

Here's a little history on this boy.  He was one of the Under the Big Top kids, rescued by Col. Potter last June, only about 18 months old, but one of the most damaged kids we've fostered.  In his first few weeks here, he'd pee/poo his crate almost every night, and the instant his door was opened, he'd come barreling out, hitting you in the chin if you were in the way, running away from you in fear.

CP Trapeze at intake, a terribly damaged little boy
For the past nine months, we've tried to get him to overcome his fears of people, flinching at your touch, having to be cornered to be picked up, soaking his belly bands and pooping at least once daily in the family room after you'd left the room, even if he'd just been outside. He was one of the best “snackers” I've ever seen - he knew when another dog here was trotting off to leave their deposit, and he'd have his nose up their rear, catching it before it ever hit the ground.

Outside he was better socially, and he loved to run and zoom with the younger kids here, barking at the silly rabbit that's taken up residence against our fence, and even playing ball. Yes, he loved to fetch a Kong ball, but he could only bring it back to about five feet from you - just not able to approach you any closer.

CP Trapeze made so much progress in his Foster Home!
About Christmas, during all the hub-bub, his rate of progress changed.  Almost daily we had a tiny glimmer of progress - following us into the kitchen, going out the door without being cornered/carried, finding his safe spot to stop and sit/stay to have his belly band removed/put on, wagging his tail, hopping on the far end of the couch and staying as long as you didn't acknowledge he was there.  

I also started tempting him with McDonald's french fries :-)  You had to offer with a closed fist because he'd lunge to get the fry and take your fingers in his haste to make sure he got it and could exit without being touched!   I had bruises on my hand and fingers until he learned "easy".   He started playing fetch with toys in the house, still only able to return them a number of feet away from you, but excited and happy to play the game.

I debated about putting him on meds or even asking he be moved to another Foster Home, thinking he needed a shake up to help him move forward.  I didn't know if we were doing him justice - he's been the toughest foster we've had to try to help find his Cairnittude.  Even with all this extreme fear, he never once has offered to use his teeth to defend himself.  In January, I decided to put him as Available and see what happened - if the right home was out there that wanted to work with him, he could be making these small positive steps with his Forever family.

Trapper & Kloe meet for the first time, all ears up!
Enter Fate and Destiny, working their magic once again!  Much to my surprise, early in February, Suzanne C. contacted me with a family interested!   She said she'd been "totally and brutally honest" with them in describing Trap and his challenges, and they weren't deterred - they'd been watching him for months!   I read their information she sent me, and I wanted to speak with them and asked for the Match. We had the three of us on the line, and I again was brutally honest.  They didn't care about his issues - they were willing to work thru it all, and still wanted him to be a member of their family!  

Don't ever underestimate one of these kids and their ability to adapt!  To the right home, these frightened kids can prosper.  This boy has totally amazed me in his first five days in his Forever Home.  He came out of his crate that first day and sat down and waited to be leashed.  He's explored the house, hopping on the couch with his dads and accepting skritches, even though his ears are back, showing he's still a bit timid about their touch.  He and his sister Kloe are getting along "like cheese and fine wine" to quote his new dad. LOL  He has even figured out how to use the doggy door to go in and out on his own, and he's not had an accident in the house!

Trapper & Kloe hanging out on the couch.
His dads are great with updates - there's nothing better than the smile on my face and the happy tears I've shed as they've reported how well he's doing!  And today I sent them an update on their Kloe, fka CP Libra.   She was part of a group we picked up back in October, 2010, so she was here for her initial vetting before she moved on to her Foster home :-)  I've had both of their CP kids here, getting their first kisses!

Happy Forever, Trapeze!

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