Friday, March 15, 2013

Bernadette fka CP Simone Celebrates her 1st Year!

Contributed by her Foster Mom and her Forever Mom

CP Simone the last born of 14 Ides of March puppies
A year ago, the last of fourteen little Col. Potter Ides of March Puppies was born at the vet’s office, when her mother, CP Salisbury, needed a little assistance to get the job done.  With so much concern over Salisbury’s condition, little Simone never had her birth weight recorded, but she didn’t let this little oversight hinder her in any way!

Bernadette fka CP Simone has developed…
…into a beautiful Wheaten girl – for now!
“Bernadette fka CP Simone has been the best little dog since Day One!  She's an absolute sweetheart!” declares her Mom.  “She was virtually potty-trained from Day One!  She has always barked at the door to go out which has resulted in almost NO accidents!  She has two best friends, her brother Murphy, our Chow Lab mix, and a five month old Cairn named Carrieanne, owned by my parents.”

Bernadette prefers the high resting spot…
…but also loves to snuggle with big brother Murphy!
“Bernadette is 15 lbs now and kept her cool tail markings, but her coat has lightened up quite a lot,” says Mom.  “Apart from some recent cushion chewing, we've no problems at all with things getting chewed.  She's exceptionally well behaved, with the sweetest little personality, while also being fierce (in a good way!) and determined - and she LOVES the snow!”

Hmmm…  Sounds like a Cairn Terrier!

Happy Birthday!
Foster Mom and Dad
Lori and Mike

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