Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fiona MacDugal fka CP Julianne Celebrates 1 Year!

Contributed by her Foster Mom and her Forever Mom

CP Ides of March Julianne nka Fiona MacDugal
CP Julianne, one of CP Salisbury’s eight Ides of March Puppies who brightened our day, just one year ago, moved on to the Lone Star State where she has continued to generate only the biggest smiles!

Fiona MacDugal fka CP Julianne
“Fiona MacDugal, fka CP Julianne, found her Forever Home with our family in Texas near the end of May of last year.  She joined our pack where our other Cairn, Fergus MacDugan, is the "chief executive dog."  Fergus spent the first few weeks showing her the ropes and making sure she knew that she was the "junior dog."  She has assimilated wonderfully and she and Fergus are great friends and companions to each other!  Needless to say, they are partners in crime!” 

Fiona MacDugal and Fergus in their Christmas finest!
“Where Fergus is ‘Mr. Macho’ and likes to act the part, Ms. Fiona is very sweet and affectionate.  She likes to cuddle and be loved on.  If we discover we are one sock short of a pair, however, or if there is another miscellaneous piece of clothing missing, we know to look for it in the back yard!  Fiona takes great joy in grabbing these from the waiting laundry pile and making a beeline for the doggie door and the backyard.  Fergus has taught her the finer points of barking at and chasing butterflies and other small flying insects in their backyard domain.  In the absence of these airborne threats to security, they often resort to chasing each other and playing tackle.  They are ever on guard protecting their outdoor domain from the whitetail and axis deer that frequent the woods beyond our fence.”
”We are so very pleased and thankful that we were chosen to be Fiona's forever family.  Between her and Fergus, there is never a dull moment in our home.  Fiona is a treasure!!!  She is really loveable, a quick study, and has a playful spirit!  Thank you Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network for entrusting her to our love and care!”

Happy Birthday!
Foster Mom and Dad
Lori and Mike