Friday, March 1, 2013

Hannah Strikes a Happy Pose!

Contributed by her Mom

Hannah aka Sunnie, fka Hudson from CP Atlanta Braves Group 2006
It's been a long time since I got a bit of a decent picture of this girl…  She absolutely hates the camera!  I was so happy to get a picture of her with her tail and her ears up, so I wanted to share it. 

Hannah was adopted from Col. Potter in August of 2006, for those who might not be familiar with her story.  She bolted the next day after a freak accident on our cabin steps.  She ran in the North Georgia Mountains for 52 days until she was re-rescued by Susan B.  Lots of CP volunteers came to North Georgia to look for her.  I was looking at some files in CP the other day and came across the 24-hour prayer clock that was set up for her.  It, of course, brought tears to my eyes again to think of all the wonderful people that gave of themselves to make sure I got my little heart girl. 

It's still an amazing story, but there are a lot of amazing stories in CP's history and more are added every day.  CP volunteers are absolutely awesome and have huge hearts.

So hope you enjoy the picture of my special girl!

Here is Hannah’s Story of Survival!

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