Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tucker Triumphs in Forever!

Contributed by his Happy Forever Dad

Tucker fka CP Trucker is Happy Again!
Remember CP Trucker, the six year old Cairn boy who was displaced from his home by two Dobermans?  Well, he flew to his CP Foster Home and, before long, Foster Dad told him to unpack his bags for good, and now he is Tucker, a once again happy Cairn!

“Tucker is doing incredibly well!  He has been very well behaved and is getting along much better with our pug, Maddie!” says his Dad.

Tucker has discovered the joy of Snow!
“Cairns are such a fun breed,” he continues.  “Coming from Houston, I doubt Tucker had previously experienced snow, but he seems to love prancing around in the snow, chasing the birds, squirrels etc.!  When he wants to really put on the charm, he will sit back on his haunches in his "prairie dog pose".  Soooo cute!  If I am sitting at the computer, and he wants to play, he will grab my forearm with his front paws and wag his tail until I stop what I am doing and play with him.  So many other adorable aspects to his personality, I could go on and on!”

Tucker and Maddie are getting along!
Tucker had a period of adjustment, learning to live peacefully with his new Pug sister, Maddie, but his Mom and Dad have done their part to make it work.  “He really has been a joy to have around,” says Dad.  “We still are careful in separating the two during feeding and are careful in monitoring them with their toys.  I have been trying to ensure that Tucker gets adequate exercise, which seems to make a difference.  Overall, he seems to have integrated quite well in our little canine/human family, and we are thrilled with how things are going so far!”

“…I told his Mom yesterday that I just could not imagine not having Tucker in our lives, he means so much to me...”

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