Thursday, March 14, 2013

Salisbury nka Libby Celebrates a Year in Freedom!

Contributed by her Foster Mom and her Forever Mom

CP Salisbury nka Libby, caring for her 8 Ides of March puppies
A year ago, Friday, fourteen little Col. Potter Ides of March Puppies rocked our world, when CP Carolina and CP Salisbury, newly rescued from a commercial breeder, collaborated to have their final litters in Freedom, with little notice and much ado!

CP Salisbury nka Libby, truly loving her first year of Freedom!
Salisbury gave birth to eight live puppies and one stillborn, and she could have easily lost her life due to serious complications, but Foster Mom & Dad, Lori & Mike, did not let that happen.  They nursed Salisbury aka Libby through a seemingly endless period of turbulence, lifted by hope and fractured by fear, but together they brought her back to health and eventually sent her off to a wonderful Forever Home!   No more work for this beautiful young lady!  Well, not without her consent, anyway…

Libby had to finish inspecting an empty carton before she could go for a walk.
“Libby works hard every day!” says her Mom.  “She remains the hedge manager and chief pelican fly-over monitor!   She cannot understand why the she cannot get out of the garden to chase the cats, which wander around.   However, she remains fascinated by the troop of ducks that pass by twice a day to feed.  Her prey drive is very strong, and I know she thinks that a duck chase would be wonderful way to have fun!” 

Libby and brother Toby after a walk.
“The mornings are spent outside on the doggy couch, straight out on her back, feet in the air, enjoying the sunshine.  Libby seems to be disappointed if it is raining and she cannot stay outside.  Grooming, brushing, combing, washing her face after lunch - she considers these things to be a waste of her time!” laughs Mom.   

Libby thinks she is invisible!  She is watching the news & studying how to use the remote control…
“I have, on occasion, played the little film of Paddy, and it is as though she has forgotten about her puppies and mothering days.  I am sure she was a wonderful mother, but she has paid her dues and now deserves the good life.  She is a wonderful little Cairn with a wonderful Cairn personality!”  

Yes, Salisbury/Libby showed us all the depth of her strength and Cairn determination a year ago with her Ides of March litter, and we all wish her only the very best Forever!

With Lots of Love!
Foster Mom and Dad
Lori and Mike

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CP's Salisbury has 8 living pups! 2 sets of pups born in freedom on one day!

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